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Rondò Pilot 1.0/2020 - Voices from SACO Contemporary Art Festival

Enterrar las banderas en el mar, Miguel Braceli + alumnos del liceo en Mejillones, escuela sin escuela de SACO8.

Four interviews around SACO Contemporary Art Festival help us know more about what is at the core of this ambitious project. Artistic Director Dagmara Wyskiel, Carlos Rendón, Yuga Hatta and Eduardo Unda-Sanzana accompany us in this journey, sharing about their work and visions.

Few strong keywords showed up: Imagination, art, science, nature, peripheries. Then these questions emerged:

What do we mean by peripheries?

How do we define what is possible?

When imagination gives space to courage?

How small an action and how big its impact can be?

When collective-awareness becomes responsibility by choice?

What happens when art and science come together to collaborate and leave old ways of thinking about themselves behind to move forward?

Note: The full issue of Rondò Pilot no. 1.0/2020 is available on and in the "Publications" section of this website.


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