About Rondò Pilot: 

Rondò Pilot was born as part of an action research project at the intersections of arts, culture, communication processes, cultural production and awareness-based systems change methodologies. The aim is to have an overview on a global scale on the dynamics in place in the arts and culture eco-system and in its interactions with the expanded social field, to take a closer look at the level of the individual and collective awareness that is at the foundation of our ways of working, building relationships and influencing outcomes, and to ideally initiate a platform that stimulates dialogue on these themes.

The intention is to give voice to different types of people and professionals who work in or come into contact with the arts and culture field, to catalyse ideas and share about topics like activating collective sensing, enabling community building, welcoming new forms of narratives, recognising emerging ways to use contemporary art languages, identifying emerging curatorial and management approaches and forms of exhibition platforms, supporting societal transformational change.

The necessity to gain a renewed sense of presence in times of transitions and polarisations seems to call for the re-appropriation of a certain kind of sensibility to navigate the complexity of our world and to adopt more sustainable leading approaches. Rondò Pilot collects series of interviews conducted with the intention to focus on the process that is at the core of how we take decisions and develop projects, and to make space for a deeper level of listening and conversation. We also have small “cases” representing different voices, so as to have a diversified sense of what happens in a given context. All this information will be subject of research along with all future interviews that will be collected and published, pointing to a representation of small and large programs in place on all continents and at all latitudes. 

Special thanks go to all the those who agreed to answer my questions, and who have generously shared their time and thoughts.

Daniela Veneri

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