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New works and art galleries #1

Gallery Gundula Gruber with Ma Jia, Matthew Mottel, Nicole Lattuca, Urban Grünfelder.

curated by Daniela Veneri and Gundula Kosch-Gruber

Above, from left to right: (1, 2) Installation by Stephanie Misa at Gallery Gundula Gruber, Photo by Jolly Schwarz Photography; (3, 4) Installation by Ma Jia at Gallery Gundula Gruber, 2021, Photo by Florian Schmeiser; (5) Matthew Mottel, Burnt Truth, 2021, at Gallery Gundula Gruber; (6) Nicole Lattuca, Fogo Island, 2014; (7) Urban Grünfelder, N. T. (2021); (8) Urban Grünfelder, Goldmund (2021); (9) Urban Grünfelder, The gaze of the philosopher (2020).

What are art galleries doing?

This question emerged since the beginning of Rondò Pilot research project, and it seemed particularly interesting to dig deeper into the reality of art galleries especially now, in the middle of a global pandemic.

How are art galleries working? What is the intention behind their proposals? Which artists do they turn to? What new artworks are they catalyzing? What role are they playing?

We introduce a collection of interviews that gravitate around the activity of Gallery Gundula Gruber, which opened up its doors in Vienna in the Covid-19 year. It offers a view on a constellation of individual and collective levels of awareness in this specific moment in time, when an art gallery owner, with artists with different backgrounds and cultures and their works activated a certain motion in the art landscape in Vienna.


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