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Rondò Pilot 2.0/2021 - #awareness #emancipation #atmosphere #disposition #making #presence

Exploring photography, film making, new works and art galleries.

Above, from left to right: Keywords #2.0; Eva Stenram, Aristofanis Soulikias, Nadine Gomez, Gundula Gruber, Ma Jia, Matthew Mottel, Nicole Lattuca, Urban Grünfelder.

The current issue of Rondò Pilot, the third since its launch, gained the exceptionally generous contribution of artists Eva Stenram, Aristofanis Soulikias, Nadine Gomez, Ma Jia, Matthew Mottel, Nicole Lattuca, Urban Grünfelder, and gallery owner Gundula Kosch-Gruber, who also co-curated the chapter "New works and art galleries".

After about two years of global pandemic, that impacted all aspects of our human experience, the possibility of looking closely at what was emerging from the art field, with the lens focused on the complexity of the moment, was particularly precious.

What can art tell us about our capacity to support change processes, to experience and co-create reality? It is worth taking the time to read this collection of interviews to explore the flow of creation and representation of artworks, new perspectives and narratives through different languages of photography, film making, film animation, sculpture, painting, installations.

Some of the questions that emerged from the conversations:

What is around us?

What spaces do we share with others?

What questions do we need on our journey?

What arises from the encounter between imagination and observation?

The picture on the side page captures keywords picked by our contributors. Awareness is the most prominent word, sticking out from a constellation of terms that evoke the many facets and layers of the current reality.


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