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Rondò Pilot 1.0/2020 - #future #art #culture #public #field #sharing #societal #seeds

The pilot issue of Rondò Pilot was launched more than one year ago. Many events happened since then, challenging our collective beliefs, our concept of normality, our capacity to touch the deepest human abilities to learn, create, imagine, act and to become aware.

The action-research project behind this publication maintains its essential reasons to be, the same intention to investigate and contribute to making visible the ways we are co-shaping our world from the art and culture field perspective. Sharing knowledge, deepening discourses and holding the space for catching emerging cracks and insights reveal the same potential to offer evident and hidden possibilities of choice.

The diversity of the individual and collective experiences here presented seems to remind us once again how complex our reality is. The interviews have been conducted in different moments in time, before and during the current pandemic due to Covid-19, and they represent a testimonial to how our projects have been influenced by the course of events.

People to listen to and projects to learn about have been not only intentionally researched, they also self-selected themselves: My feeling is that the people who responded to my appeal are also those who were listening and open to sharing about what they observe from their place in the world.

The thanks at this point are not a pure formality but the expression of heartfelt gratitude to those who work every day to co-create, through art, big and small projects starting from everyday reality. A special thanks to Artemis Akchoti Shahbazi, whose precious collaboration made possible the publication of the chapter "Identities in Movement".


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